Turn your picture into 3D photoBeam

Simple photo frame design to hang up in the front of a window or just decorate a shelf. Chose from three different sizes or e-mail us to order the size you are looking for.





Can not choose a photo to go 3D? then order a cube with four pictures! Not enough? Then even more! This cube comes with smart wifi LED. Connect to your smart home, set colour you wish or just set up a timer to turn on and off daily.

Night light with a loved superhero photo is a great option for a children's room. It will lit up a room with warm white light displaying a photo in the front. If you need night light with motion detection, please

e-mail us.

Just place this curved 3D photo frame in the front of any light source; from the sun to a candle. A great option as a present for her or him. Choose from three different sizes or go wild and get extra large - just e-mail us.





This small pendent - great choice to get taste of 3D photo beam production. Hang this in the car to see your loved ones together every day.



Great choice to make romantic evening with two pictures. Candle and photo will fill room with a warm light and lited photo.


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